These are some design ideas created with our pieces for a wedding at the Rand-Bryan House in Garner.

Wedding planning by Party Designs by Jax

Photography by Rose Trail Images and Inwonderlust

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Try these Design Inspirations we created for some of our shows. You may like them for your events.

These two green Victorian Mr. & Mrs. Chairs go very well with this Silver Service Chest. The ornate Silver Tea Set adds a special touch to the overall look.

These two white stuffed chairs made a great addition to this vendors booth at The Farm in Selma. Bridal Hair by Jenny Cox was very happy.

We stacked three vintage suitcases to make a great looking table. Top it off with a doily and a whiskey jug to round out your rustic reception area.

On top of two wine barrels, we placed this vintage white painted door and a burlap table runner to make this great table at the Bridal Open House at The Event Gallery at The Cotton Company in Wake Forest. You could use this as a bar or even a welcome table.

Our green Victorian couch and Mr. & Mrs. Victorian chairs with a lace covered coffee table will be an inviting, relaxing seating spot for your reception area.

Thinking outside the box, this whiskey barrel will make an awesome cake stand for your rustic event.

The yellow Victorian couch, green Victorian chairs, whiskey barrels and the arch were used for our booth at the Bridal Show at The Farm in Selma. A combination of these would look great at your wedding, reception or any other event you’re having.

Take a whiskey barrel and top it off with a doily, a whiskey jug and a lighted metal heart and you can add a cool piece to any event that you are having.

We flanked our arch and cross with a whiskey barrel topped with a train lantern and lighted metal heart. On the other side we added three stacked suitcases adorned with a doily and whiskey jug. This is a nice option for your ceremony.

This cream sofa matches well with the white stuffed chairs and coffee table covered with a lace table cloth. We also have a large white sofa that would look great with this set up.

This Yellow Victorian Sofa goes well with the coffee table covered with a lace table cloth. They will add nicely to your seating arrangement.

For the Open House at The Lockamy Plantation we added the tea cart paired with the ornate silver tea set. We created a stand from three suitcases and created two new chandeliers. One is made with Ball jars and the other with tea cups.

Antique green tea cart paired with the ornate silver tea set and serving tray. These items look fantastic together and will add a cool touch to your event space.

This white stuffed chair looks great next to our tea set and whiskey barrel cake stand. These look good together or as separate pieces.

In this seating area we have the yellow Victorian couch with a blue brocade stuffed chair and a floral parsons chair. The linen topped coffee table finishes off this arrangement nicely.