We Are Rustic Elegance

Cathy and Chris on benchLet us introduce ourselves. We are Cathy & Chris. We dated in high school in a place known as Lincoln, Maine. After graduation in 1988, Chris would go to pilot school in Daytona, FL and Cathy to travel school in Kissimmee, FL. Being out of state students, neither of us had transportation to connect and would take different life paths. Fast forward to 2005. Chris having settled in Florida, would track down Cathy who was now settled in Clayton, NC.  The timing wasn’t quite right, but finally in 2014, the stars of the universe would align and Cathy would find Chris this time. Chris found himself in North Carolina for good Christmas Day, 2014. On December 10th 2015, Chris asked Cathy to marry him.

Our journey with Rustic Elegance began with our own wedding planning. Being two country kids from Maine, we have been all about rustic before rustic was the in thing to do. We were in search of whiskey barrels for our own wedding and were having a really tough time finding them. The few places we found to rent them were too far away and the challenge of getting them to and from the venue were going to be a logistical nightmare.

Our search to rent them turned into a search to buy. Even though we were finally able to find a couple to purchase, we wondered if others were also having the same difficulties finding the right items for their special event.

Cathy and Chris walkingOn the road to bringing the elements of our own wedding day together, we have found how costly and, at times, over-complicated and frustrating this journey can be. We made the decision to put together a wide selection of items at affordable rates and accompany that with superior customer service to assist couples in the process of decorating for their own weddings.

Chris and Cathy bring to you over 25 years of professional planning experience, creative design and a passion for excellent service.

When we are customers anywhere, we have high standards and expectations to be served with attention to detail. As your decor specialists, it is our mission to bring you affordable elegance with superior customer service every step of the way.